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Mountain Rescue Chamonix Mont Blanc Cover

Mountain Rescue - Chamonix Mont Blanc

A Season with the World's Busiest Mountain Rescue Service
Anne Sauvy, renowned alpine writer and accomplished climber, documents a season in the life of... Read more. BUY NOW
The Evidence of Things Not Seen Cover

The Evidence of Things Not Seen

A Mountaineer's Tale
The Evidence of Things Not Seen is the award-winning autobiography from one of Britain's finest... Read more.
  • £20.00 (Hardback)
The Kurt Diemberger Omnibus cover

The Kurt Diemberger Omnibus

Spirits of the Air, Summits and Secrets and the award winning The Endless Knot
Diemberger's candour and powerful writing is fully displayed in the Kurt Diemberger... Read more.
  • £16.99 (Hardback)
Mountaineering in Scotland and Undiscovered Scotland Cover

Mountaineering in Scotland - Undiscovered Scotland

The author's two Scottish mountaineering classics combined in one volume
Mountaineering in Scotland and Undiscovered Scotland are two of the greatest classics in... Read more.
  • £12.99 (Paperback)
Classic Dolomite Climbs

Classic Dolomite Climbs

100 of the finest rock climbs in the Dolomites
Classic Dolomite Climbs is a topo guidebook to 100 of the finest rock climbs in the Dolomites.... Read more. BUY NOW
Cold Climbs Cover

Cold Climbs

The Great Snow and Ice Climbs of the British Isles
Cold Climbs, one of the iconic tomes in the range of coffee table climbing books from Ken... Read more. BUY NOW
200 Challenging Walks in Britain and Ireland Cover

200 Challenging Walks in Britain and Ireland

The finest mountain, moorland, hill and coastal walks in the British Isles
A collection of challenging hill walks throughout the British Isles. This classic text... Read more.
  • £14.99 (Paperback)
HW Tilman Eight Sailing Mountain Exploration Books Cover

H. W. Tilman - The Eight Sailing and Mountain-Exploration Books

Tilman's classic sailing accounts are noted for their irony, humour and stoicism set... Read more.
  • £25.00 (Hardback)
Himalayan Climber Doug Scott Cover

Himalayan Climber

A Lifetime's Quest to the World's Greater Ranges
Himalayan Climber is a remarkable photo-autobiography that captures the dramatic adventures of a... Read more. BUY NOW
Great Himalaya Trail Cover

Great Himalaya Trail

1,700 kilometres across the roof of the world
In 2012, Himalaya veteran Gerda Pauler set out to walk the Great Himalaya Trail, one of the... Read more.
  • £12.99 (Paperback)
The Uncrowned King of Mont Blanc by Peter Foster Cover Image

The Uncrowned King of Mont Blanc

The life of T. Graham Brown, physiologist and mountaineer
The Uncrowned King of Mont Blanc by Peter Foster is the biography of scientist and mountaineer... Read more.
  • £14.95 (Paperback)
Distant Snows John Harding Cover Image

Distant Snows

A mountaineer’s odyssey
In Distant Snows, mountaineer John Harding recollects his worldwide adventures spanning sixty... Read more.
  • £20.00 (Hardback)
Savage Arena Joe Tasker

Savage Arena

Joe Tasker is in the Himalaya to attempt to make a two-man ascent of the Dunagiri – one of the... Read more.
  • £12.50 (Paperback)
Days to Remember by Rob Collister

Days to Remember

Adventures and reflections of a mountain guide
Days to Remember is a collection of tales from well-known mountain guide Rob Collister. With a... Read more.
  • £12.99 (Paperback)
In the Shadow of Ben Nevis

In the Shadow of Ben Nevis

In 1959, sixteen-year-old Ian ‘Spike’ Sykes left school and, after a short period of work at... Read more.
  • £12.99 (Paperback)
Dolpo: People and Landscape cover image


People and Landscape
In Dolpo: People and Landscape, Gerda Pauler explores the individuals, communities and culture... Read more.
  • £14.99 (Paperback)
The Storms Mike Trueman Cover Image

The Storms

Adventure and tragedy on Everest
The Storms is the memoir of British Army Gurkha officer Mike Trueman, a veteran of twenty... Read more.
  • £12.99 (Paperback)
My Life Anderl Heckmair cover

My Life Anderl Heckmair

Eiger North Face, Grandes Jorasses and other Adventures
In 1938 Anderl Heckmair made the first ascent of the North Face of the Eiger, a monumental... Read more. BUY NOW
Dream of White Horses cover Ed Drummond

A Dream of White Horses

Recollections of a Life on the Rocks
Ed Drummond’s A Dream of White Horses is a climbing book unlike any other. An inspired climber... Read more.
  • £10.00 (Paperback)
Everest Ultimate Messner


Expedition to the Ultimate
In May 1978 Reinhold Messner became the first climbers to reach the summit of Mount Everest... Read more. BUY NOW
Wild Britain Cover Image

Wild Britain

Wild Britain is the photographic portfolio from professional photographer Barry Payling, one... Read more.
  • £25.00 (Hardback)
Itching to Climb cover

Itching to Climb

Mountaineer Explorer Pilot
Itching to Climb tells the story of one woman's undaunting spirit in the face of adversities,... Read more.
  • £9.99 (Paperback)
Climbing Chronicles cover

The Climbing Chronicles

A young climber exploring the mountains of Wales, the Lake District and Scotland in the 1940s
The Climbing Chronicles record the 1940s climbing exploits of Harry Parker and offer a... Read more.
  • £7.99 (Paperback)
My Father Frank Cover

My Father, Frank

Unresting Spirit of Everest
My Father, Frank is the biography of British mountaineer Frank Smythe, written by his son Tony... Read more.
  • £20.00 (Hardback)
The Light Elsewhere David Pickford Cover

The Light Elsewhere

Encounters with the elemental world
From author and photographer David Pickford, The Light Elsewhere is a photographic essay in... Read more.
  • £42.00 (Hardback)
Climbing Ramabang Gerry Galligan

Climbing Ramabang

One Irish climber's explorations in the Himalaya and his overland trip home
Gerry Galligan’s Climbing Ramabang is a bold and expansive travel diary recounting... Read more.
  • £20.00 (Hardback)
Vertical Pleasure Mick Fowler

Vertical Pleasure

The secret life of a tax man
Vertical Pleasure is the first set of climbing memoirs from Mick Fowler –... Read more. BUY NOW
Fontainebleau Climbs Cover

Fontainebleau Climbs

The Finest Bouldering and Circuits
Fontainebleau Climbs is the English language edition of the most popular French guidebook to the... Read more.
  • £19.95 (Paperback)
Straight Up Steve Berry

Straight Up

Himalayan Tales of the Unexpected
Straight Up is a collection of stories from Steve Berry's early expeditions to the Himalaya.... Read more.
  • £12.99 (Paperback)
Boardman Tasker Omnibus Cover

The Boardman Tasker Omnibus

Savage Arena, Shining Mountain, Sacred Summits, Everest the Cruel Way
Peter Boardman and Joe Tasker were at the cutting edge of mountaineering during the 1970s and... Read more.
  • £22.00 (Paperback)
Classic Rock Cover

Classic Rock

Great British Rock Climbs
First published in 1978, and most recently updated in 2007, Ken Wilson’s Classic Rock... Read more.
  • £35.00 (Hardback)
Brotherhood of the Rope Cover

Brotherhood of the Rope

The Biography of Charles Houston
Charles Houston was a doctor and mountaineer from New England famed for leading the K2... Read more.
  • £16.99 (Hardback)
Calculated Risk cover

Calculated Risk

Adventure and Romance in Scotland and the Alps
Dougal Haston’s Calculated Risk is a fictional portrayal of the world of mountaineering in... Read more.
  • £7.99 (Paperback)
Fontainebleau Off-Piste Cover


Bouldering Off-Piste
Fontainebleau: Bouldering Off-Piste is the second guidebook from the respected... Read more.
  • £18.99 (Paperback)
The Games Climbers Play Cover

The Games Climbers Play

A selection of one hundred mountaineering articles
The Games Climbers Play is a best-selling anthology of climbing writing, punctuated by... Read more.
  • £12.99 (Paperback)
On Thin Ice Mick Fowler Cover

On Thin Ice

Alpine Climbs in the Americas, Asia and the Himalaya
On Thin Ice is Mick Fowler’s second set of climbing memoirs, following Vertical Pleasure. Here,... Read more.
  • £10.00 (Hardback)
The Mont Blanc Massif Gaston Rebuffat Cover

The Mont Blanc Massif

The Hundred Finest Routes
The Mont Blanc Massif is the classic selection of Alpine routes in the Mont Blanc range.... Read more.
  • £30.00 (Hardback)
Alpine 4000m Peaks Cover

The Alpine 4000m Peaks by the Classic Routes

A guide for mountaineers
The Alpine 4000m Peaks by the Classic Routes is a definitive and up-to-date guidebook for... Read more.
  • £18.99 (Paperback)
Dermot Somers Cover

Dermot Somers - Collected Short Stories

Mountains and Other Ghosts & At the Rising of the Moon
Dermot Somers' collections of short stories Mountains and Other Ghosts (Boardman Tasker... Read more.
  • £12.99 (Paperback)
Yosemite Book Cover


Fifty Years of Dynamic Rock Climbing
Yosemite Valley is the world's leading rock climbing area and Alexander Huber's and Heinz... Read more. BUY NOW
Anderl Heckmair My Life Cover 2014

Anderl Heckmair, My Life

Memoirs of an Eiger North Face pioneer
Anderl Heckmair will always be remembered for his first ascent of the North Face of the... Read more.
  • £17.99 (Hardback)
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