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Waymaking Book Cover Image


An anthology of women’s adventure writing, poetry and art
Waymaking is an anthology of prose, poetry and artwork by women who are inspired by wild places,... Read more.
Unknown Pleasures Andy Kirkpatrick Cover

Unknown Pleasures

Collected writing on life, death, climbing and everything in between
Unknown Pleasures is a collection of works by the climber and award-winning author Andy... Read more.
  • £24.00 (Hardback)
Day Walks Pembrokeshire Coast Harri Roberts Cover Image

Day Walks on the Pembrokeshire Coast

20 routes in south-west Wales
Day Walks on the Pembrokeshire Coast features 20 classic coastal routes between 6.5 miles and 13... Read more.
  • £11.96 (Paperback)
Kinder Scout by Ed Douglas and John Beatty Cover Image

Kinder Scout

The people's mountain
Writer Ed Douglas and photographer John Beatty are close friends and have a shared history with... Read more.
  • £19.95 (Paperback)
Tides Nick Bullock Cover Image


A climber's voyage
Tides is Nick Bullock’s much-anticipated follow-up to his critically acclaimed debut book Echoes. Read more.
  • £24.00 (Hardback)
The Ogre by Doug Scott book cover

The Ogre

Biography of a mountain and the dramatic story of the first ascent
The Ogre, Doug Scott, is a two-part biography of this enigmatic peak: in the first part, Scott... Read more.
  • £20.00 (Hardback)
Art of Freedom Bernadette McDonald

Art of Freedom

The life and climbs of Voytek Kurtyka
Art of Freedom, by Canadian author Bernadette McDonald, is a profound and moving profile of... Read more.
  • £14.95 (Paperback)
The Darkness Beckons Martyn Farr Cover Image

The Darkness Beckons

The history and development of world cave diving
The Darkness Beckons is Martyn Farr's illustrated book about the history and development of world... Read more.
  • £40.00 (Hardback)
Lake District Bouldering Greg Chapman Holding Cover

Lake District Bouldering

The Lakesbloc guidebook
Lake District Bouldering is Greg Chapman's long-awaited guide to the excellent bouldering in the... Read more.
The Magician's Glass by Ed Douglas

The Magician's Glass

Character and fate: eight essays on climbing and the mountain life
The Magician’s Glass by Ed Douglas is a collection of essays on some of the biggest stories and... Read more.
  • £14.95 (Paperback)
Winter Walks in the Lake District Cover Image

Winter Walks in the Lake District

Fell walks & easy snow climbs for the winter mountaineer
Winter Walks in the Lake District by Stephen Goodwin is a collection of enjoyable walks and easy... Read more.
  • £14.95 (Paperback)
The Bond by Simon McCartney Paperback Cover

The Bond - Paperback

Two epic climbs in Alaska and a lifetime’s connection between climbers
Winner: Boardman Tasker Award 2016. Simon McCartney was a cocky young British alpinist climbing... Read more.
  • £14.95 (Paperback)
Day Walks in the Cotswolds Judy Mills Cover Image

Day Walks in the Cotswolds

20 classic circular routes
Day Walks in the Cotswolds features 20 circular routes, between 7.1 and 12.6 miles (11.5km and... Read more.
  • £12.95 (Paperback)
There is no Map in Hell Steve Birkinshaw Cover Image

There is no Map in Hell

The record-breaking run across the Lake District fells
There is no Map in Hell is Steve Birkinshaw's account of his epic Wainwrights run in the Lake... Read more.
  • £12.99 (Paperback)
Clouds from Both Sides by Julie Tullis

Clouds from Both Sides

The story of the first British woman to climb an 8,000-metre peak
Clouds from Both Sides is the autobiography of Julie Tullis, the first British woman to climb... Read more.
  • £9.99 (Paperback)
Killer Storm Everest Files Matt Dickinson Cover Image v2

Killer Storm

A terror attack at Everest Base Camp. Ryan and his friends are taken hostage. The scene is set for the ultimate Everest adventure
Killer Storm is the third and final book in the Everest Files trilogy by Matt Dickinson. A... Read more.
  • £6.99 (Paperback)
North Wales Trail Running by Steve Franklin Book Cover

North Wales Trail Running

20 off-road routes for trail & fell runners
North Wales Trail Running by Steve Franklin features 20 off-road running routes across North... Read more.
  • £12.95 (Paperback)
Chris Bonington Mountaineer 2016 Edition Cover Image

Chris Bonington Mountaineer – 2016 Edition

A lifetime of climbing the great mountains of the world
Chris Bonington Mountaineer is a photographic autobiography, documenting over sixty years of... Read more.
  • £20.00 (Paperback)
The Warrior in the Mist Ruth Eastham Book Cover v2

The Warrior in the Mist

The invaders are coming. The battle is about to begin.
The Warrior in the Mist is the latest novel from Ruth Eastham, award-winning author of The Memory... Read more.
  • £6.99 (Paperback)
Great British Bike Rides Cover

Great British Bike Rides

40 classic routes for road cyclists
Great British Bike Rides features 40 of the best road rides in England, Scotland and Wales,... Read more.
  • £25.00 (Paperback)
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