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Peak District MTB All-Weather Route Download

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

John Horscroft mountain biking on Jacob's Ladder in the Peak District. Photo: John Coefield.

John Horscroft dropping into Jacob's Ladder on the classic Kinder circuit. Photo: John Coefield.

Three years ago the Peak (and much of the UK) was taking a pounding thanks to unseasonably mild and wet weather, so we put together an all-weather MTB route option in the Peak which was a tweak on the classic Kinder circuit. 

Much of the route is still good and it's a great ride in winter, but unfortunately due to the ongoing closure of the byway at the western end of Rushup Edge (more info here), now seems like a good time to update the route. Together with Peak District MTB, we've put together an updated PDF which you can download for free below. 

The route must now officially start with some donkey work on the road, rather than up Chapel Gate, but once you're round Rushup and at the Pennine Bridleway, it's all good and you're rewarded first with the drop into Roych Clough (which, incidentally, could be considered an example of sympathetic trail maintenance ... ) and later with the UK-classic Jacob's Ladder descent. 

The Rushup Edge saga has been going on for over two years – and unfortunately Derbyshire County Council have plenty of previous when it comes to sanitising the national park's trails – but let's hope it gets sorted out soon. That the trail hasn't been simply flattened is due in no small part to the ongoing efforts of Peak District MTB and other groups. Read the latest update here.

If you want to know more about MTB access and trail advocacy in the wider Peak area, then check out the Peak District MTB website

Happy trails. 

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