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Free Download: Kinder All-Weather Circuit

Monday, 20 January 2014

Like the rest of the country, the Peak has taken a pounding thanks to this wet and mild weather, and unfortunately many of the area's bridleways and byways are suffering more than they usually would in a typical winter. 

The excellent twitter account Keeper of the Peak, which retweets riders' trail conditions reports, recently asked for ideas for all-weather, sustainable rides for this time of year and Tom tweeted back a variation on the classic Kinder circuit which avoids the stuff up to Hollins Cross and around Mam Tor and the perma-bog on Rushup Edge. In fact, the resultant route is about as all-weather as you can get on a mountain bike in the Peak, unless you want to time trial back and forth along the High Peak Trail looking really cool. 

So, here it is, our suggestion for an all-weather ride in the Peak. Ride it in either direction and - hey presto! - it's two rides! Damn shame the Chapel Gate descent has had 'the treatment' from our local authority chums... 

Hammered trails does potentially open up another debate too about whether the Peak would benefit from having a trail centre at times like this to ease the load on natural riding... (Can of worms!). 

Download the Kinder All-Weather Circuit here.


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