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Vertebrate joins forces with SteepEdge

Monday, 19th November 2012

SteepEdge Vertebrate Graphics News Image

Vertebrate Graphics and Vertebrate Publishing are delighted to bring you our brand new venture SteepEdge, the adventure film and download website. SteepEdge specialises in adventure films – climbing, mountaineering, bouldering, mountain biking, snowsports, surf, sail ... you name it, if it involves an element of risk, adventure or excitement we hope to have it available on the site for you to watch.

Take a look at – we have almost 200 films already, as well as plenty of free to watch material, and there is 50% off your first order – just sign up to our newsletter or like us on Facebook.

At Vertebrate we are passionate about the great outdoors, whether it be designing websites, publishing books, and now making adventure films available to other outdoor lovers.

Brian Hall, founder and director at SteepEdge commented; 'We are delighted to partner with Vertebrate Graphics. They have huge experience in website development and marketing great content to the adventure market, which is perfect as we continue to bring SteepEdge to a wider audience.'

We will prioritise working with more filmmakers to bring their productions to the streaming and download platform. We will also be using our experience as a global publisher to market SteepEdge in North America, other English speaking territories and European markets.

Since launch in 2011, SteepEdge has developed into an important resource for filmmakers and a library for rare adventure films. We will seek to extend ties with organisations such as the Mountain Heritage Trust, the world adventure film market and individual filmmakers to make available otherwise impossible to watch material.

SteepEdge is a fantastic business – it supports the adventure film market, is a great platform for filmmakers to promote their work, and it is thanks to some of the superb films in the current SteepEdge library, and the knowledge and hard work of the founders Brian Hall and John Porter, that SteepEdge has been so successful to date.

We hope to build on that success, doubling the number of films available over the coming months, marketing the site to a larger audience, giving a much improved return to the filmmakers – the lifeblood of the business – and developing our IT platform in order to make the films available to a wider audience through more media channels.

Stay tuned, and we hope you enjoy the show!

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