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Troll Wall Wins in Norway

Thursday, 28th July 2011

Troll Wall Bivvy Ledge

We're delighted to announce that Tony Howard's book Troll Wall has won the Jury's Special Award (Juryens ærespris) at the 2011 Norwegian Mountain Literature Prize (Norsk Fjellitteraturpris). The award was given on 13 July at the Romsdal Mountain Festival. 

The Norwegian Mountain Literature Prize was established in 2007 and is awarded to a literary work the jury will find inspiring, which has a high scientific level and which contributes to increased mountain knowledge and joy. The winner of the 2011 award is Tinder og Banditter (Peaks and Bandits) by Alf B. Bryn

We've also just received a copy of a great review of Troll Wall by Nick Chambers from US magazine Rock & Ice. Here's an excerpt:

'Troll Wall is a treasure for its close descriptions. Every uptake of slack and every piton pounded receive equal attention. Howard’s depictions of the strenuous toils of big-wall climbing are straightforward and honest, and more decorative for the times when the sun is shining and spirits are high. This finally released alpine epic is a chance to take in a tale from long ago and appreciate a true pioneer.'

. . .