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Searvogel smashes the Year Record

Monday, 18th January 2016

Kurt Searvogel breaks Tommy Godwin annual cycling mileage year record
U.S. cyclist Kurt Searvogel has smashed the record for the highest annual cycling mileage. Until it was broken earlier this month, the record was still held by British cyclist Tommy Godwin who in 1939 rode a staggering 75,065 miles.

Searvogel broke the record on 4 January in Tampa, Florida, a week before his finishing date of 11 January. The official new record stands at 76,076 miles. Since it was set, Godwin's record has been tackled by numerous riders including British cyclist Steve Abraham whose attempt suffered a serious setback in March 2015 when he was hit by a moped, the collision having left him with a broken ankle.

Searvogel may not be hanging on to his crown for long with new challenger Bruce Berkeley having started his attempt on 1 January 2016. Berkeley, who hails from New Zealand but is based in London, currently holds the record for the highest mileage cycled in a week and in a month. 

Godwin's record still stands as a remarkable feat of endurance. Riding with rudimentary equipment and facing challenges like wartime blackout regulations, the fact that his mileage has remained unbroken for almost eighty years stands as testament to his unnerring grit and determination and his talent as an endurance cyclist.

To find out more about the story of the record - which includes a one-armed vegetarian communist, a job-seeker escaping a tough home life, and a Cadbury-sponsored 'keep-fit-girl' - we recommend The Year: Reawakening the legend of cycling's hardest endurance record.

The Year: Reawakening the legend of cycling's hardest endurance record by Dave Barter

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