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One Day as a Tiger: publication date revealed

Wednesday, 4th June 2014

One Day as a TigerOne Day as a Tiger charts the meteoric life of gifted and charismatic climber Alex MacIntyre. Part of the golden age of Himalayan climbing, MacIntyre threw himself with enthusiasm at some of the world’s most notorious ascents, including Shishapnagma, Changabang and the Eiger north face. His magnetic combination of confidence, wit and talent – not to mention that wild hair – quickly established MacIntyre as a well-liked and recognisable figure on the 1970’s climbing scene. His life was cut tragically short by a rock fall on Annapurna at the age of 27.

Author John Porter has drawn on his own friendship and climbing partnership with MacIntyre, as well as carrying out extensive research into the wider climbing and mountaineering movement of the 1970s. The book peels the lid on a generation of climbers that pushed the boundaries of climbing to new limits while grappling with the inherent risks and the personal sacrifices that such single-minded focus demands.

One Day as a Tiger has been praised as an important feat in mountaineering literature by some of the sector's leading figures:

A book on climbing both humorous and perceptive, as close to the essence of our life as you can get.”
-Doug Scott, CBE

A meticulously researched history of a generation of climbers so fueled by ambition and adrenalin that they came close to climbing themselves into extinction, One Day as a Tiger is much more. In telling the story of Alex MacIntyre’s meteoric, too-short life, the author explores difficult questions that all climbers grapple with: the fickleness of luck, the fragility of friendship and the frailty of life.”
-Bernadette McDonald, author of Freedom Climbers

One Day as a Tiger is due to publish on 1 September 2014.

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