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Nick Bullock's Echoes reviewed in The Observer

Friday, 14th September 2012

Nick Bullock's new book Echoes is reviewed by Peter Beaumont in this Sunday's edition of The Observer News Review (16 September). And a fantastic review it is too – here are a few choice quotes:

'An unusual and powerful story that is as remarkable for its depiction of the author's life as a prison officer in one of the country's toughest jails, Gartree, as for his prodigious achievements on the mountains.

'This is a book driven by contrasts between the closed, enervating world of prison and the growing awareness and confidence Bullock feels on the mountains. In the end, the narrow scrapes, the friends Bullock loses and the exhilaration he feels on his solo winter climbs are all signposts on his road to self-liberation: the day he felt strong enough to resign from the prison service and walk out of jail for the last time.'

Read the full review here, or pick up a copy of The Observer on Sunday.

Signed copies of Echoes are available to order direct from Vertebrate.

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