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Matt Dickinson appointed Jagged Globe's 2016 Writer in Residence

Wednesday, 16th March 2016

Award-winning author and filmmaker Matt Dickinson leaves for Nepal on 26 March to accompany this year’s Jagged Globe Everest team. 

Thrilled to be joining the expedition, Matt commented, ‘It is twenty years exactly since my Everest summit experience on the North (Tibetan) side and this is a fantastic opportunity to go back with the same expedition company to write about a whole new generation of Everest climbers. Everest is an ever-changing story and there have been some dramatic incidents in recent years, which have seen the mountain once again attracting global news headlines. The people of Nepal have faced massive challenges recently with the earthquake of April last year, and many Sherpa lives were tragically lost on Everest. I will be joining the Jagged Globe team on their journey through the ice fall and up into the Western Cwm, a challenge which will no doubt give me plenty of material to film and blog about! Schools all over the UK are gearing up to follow my video reports, joining the adventure and learning about the mountain and the people who choose to try and climb it.’  

Jagged Globe Director Simon Lowe writes:

'We are delighted to announce Matt Dickinson will be Writer in Residence on our 2016 South Col Everest Expedition. He summited on one of our early Everest expeditions and has gone on to write extensively about the mountain in books and newspapers. He will be filing articles for various UK magazines and news outlets and also blogging updates to about 1,000 schools throughout the UK during the expedition. Later he will tour the same schools, bringing Everest alive for thousands of up and coming explorers.' 

Matt Dickinson is the author of The Everest Files, a series for young readers. The second book in the series, North Face, was published on 10 March 2016.

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