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Ken Wilson to receive Boardman Tasker Lifetime Achievement Award

Wednesday, 18th November 2015

Bâton Wicks founder Ken Wilson is to be awarded the Boardman Tasker Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to mountain literature.

Ken is recognised as a leading influence in global climbing politics and the outdoor media. He was Editor of the iconic Mountain magazine (1969-1978), and founder of the publishing houses Diadem (co-founded with Ken Vickers) and Bâton Wicks. Under these, Ken published some of the outdoor world's most legendary books: Classic Rock, Extreme Rock, The Games Climbers Play, The Big Walks and many more. All were produced with Ken’s immaculate skill and attention to detail. Bâton Wicks, which is now owned and managed by Vertebrate, continues to publish world-class books, with many out-of-print classics having been brought back to life as ebooks.

Ken has long been an outspoken defender of the adventure and freedom associated with traditional climbing. His vigorous intellectual style of debate positioned him at the heart of many of climbing’s fiercest debates.

Commenting on Ken’s award, Steve Dean, Secretary and Trustee of the Boardman Tasker Charitable Trust, said, ‘When Ken Wilson started Mountain magazine in 1969 he opened up the ability to debate mountaineering to the whole world. To those of us who attempted to write about mountains and climbing he was both the sternest critic and the strongest supporter. More importantly, on the hill or on the crag, Ken was one of us. The man is a hero.

Ken’s award will be presented this Friday at Kendal Mountain Festival’s Boardman Tasker Prize for Mountain Literature event. Click HERE to book a ticket.

The Vertebrate team offers Ken our wholehearted congratulations on his award.

Ken Wilson, Baton Wicks
Ken Wilson, Everest 1972; © Doug Scott 

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