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Join us at the 2014 Hay Festival

Tuesday, 13th May 2014

What areMatt on Everest the challenges facing Everest today? How are ever-increasing visitor numbers impacting local communities? And why do we hear so little of the Sherpas who provide vital support while risking their own lives? These are just some of the questions that Matt Dickinson – climber, filmmaker and author – will be discussing during his Hay Festival appearance on 29 May.

Matt will also be talking about the inspiration behind his new bestselling teen fiction book, The Everest Files. Informed by Matt’s own experiences on Everest, the tale follows 18-year-old Ryan on his quest to solve the puzzle of a young sherpa’s mysterious disappearance. A lively adventure story, the book also gives eye-opening observations of the culture and lifestyles of 21st-century mountain communities. Author-signed copies of the book will be available on the day.

Hay Festival brings together leading figures in the arts and sciences to share stories and ideas, as well as offering a lively music and comedy programme. To find out more about the festival, and to purchase a ticket, visit the Hay Festival website.

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