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Joe Tasker’s Savage Arena and Everest the Cruel Way now available as audiobooks

Wednesday, 7th August 2019

Two classic works of mountain literature by outstanding British climber Joe Tasker are available as audiobooks for the first time.

The books detail some of the awe-inspiring climbs that earned Tasker a reputation as one of Britain’s best climbers. Everest the Cruel Way is the story of his attempt to ascend Everest in 1980-81 in a style never before attempted - via the infamous west ridge, without supplementary oxygen and during winter. This attempt pushed a group of Britain’s finest mountaineers to their limits.

Savage Arena details his attempt to climb Dunagiri, one of the first true ‘Alpine-style’ climbs in the Greater Ranges. His superb writing captures the adventuring spirit which drove him on to remarkable climbs, including the first British winter ascent of the Eiger North Face, the West Wall of Changabang and two unsuccessful attempts of K2. It is also an account of endurance, detailing the stresses and constant anxiety of living at high altitude for long periods of time.

Savage Arena was completed just before Tasker died high on Everest alongside his friend Peter Boardman in 1982 while attempting a new unclimbed line.

Everest the Cruel Way and Savage Arena are now available to purchase as audiobooks on Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

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