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FREE Millrace Outdoor book with any purchase from Baton Wicks before the end of May

Tuesday, 29th April 2014

Bâton Wicks

Place an order for any book on the Baton Wicks website before the end of May and then email with which Millrace Outdoor title you'd like for FREE! Click here to see the full range.

The Millrace Outdoor series of books are beautiful to hold and read. Distinctive, lively and  eccentric, they are full of ideas and dry humour. These are lovely little books that you will want to keep.

Baton Wicks is one of the most respected publishers of outdoor titles in the UK, with numerous award-winning and iconic titles in its range. These include The Boardman Tasker Omnibus, Ken Wilson's Classic Rock and Games Climbers Play, Gaston Rebuffat's The Mont Blanc Massif, Ed Drummond's A Dream of White Horses and titles from Eric Shipton, H.W. Tilman and Chris Bonington. Vertebrate Publishing bought Baton Wicks in February 2013 and is committed to maintaining and adding to this fantastic spread of titles.

As ever from Vertebrate and Baton Wicks, UK P&P is free.

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