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Beyond the Mountain Reviewed

Wednesday, 17th February 2010 has published a new review of Steve House's Boardman Tasker winning title Beyond the Mountain. We'll let you read the rest of the review – by Adam Long – for yourself, but here's the key snippet:

'This is not only a brilliant book, it is an important one, and deserves to be widely read.'

Ed Douglas has also published a review on his literary blog/review site Calm & Fearless:

'As a window on what's required to break barriers in the world of modern alpinism, this book is as good as any I've read. It's full of action, full of crisp, often harsh sentiments. The narrative is often as jagged as the peaks he climbs, a series of interlinked snapshots rather a predictable arc. People die, relationships fail, but the restless hunt goes on. It's not comforting, and it's not romantic, and the laughs are rare. This is a serious game played by a brotherhood that takes itself very seriously. Not since Joe Tasker's Savage Arena have I read a book by someone so uncompromising in his commitment.'

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