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After the Crash and other stories is available for pre-order

Thursday, 24th September 2015

David Pickford, editor-in-chief of Climb, Britain’s leading climbing and mountaineering magazine, has just released his second title, After the Crash and other stories, a collection of climbing literature and general fiction.
Vividly descriptive, melancholic and controversial, these short stories vary dramatically in theme. David gives us an insight into the book:
'A collection of short stories for climbers, skiers, and adventurers: this is After The Crash and other stories. The book's cast of characters include a Japanese alpinist who survives a plane crash only to find himself engaged in another life-and-death struggle, a quartet of astronauts piloting Twenty Red Twenty, the first manned mission to Mars, a nine-year-old boy who discovers a rusty door to another world at the end of his garden, a Waziri jihadist and an American drone pilot locked in virtual combat amid the wilderness of the Sahara, a professional extreme skier who finds his life's calling only after riding out a deadly avalanche, and a pair of climbers who uncover an uncanny inscription high in California's Sierra Nevada, and realise the truth of its prophecy as night descends on the mountain.'
. . .