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The Goblin's Blue Blanket

A story about why you shouldn't worry about the little things

  • Paperback £6.99
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When Ogie the goblin's blanket goes missing, he and his cat Gerald hunt high and low through the magical and mysterious places on the island of Goblinia. Does Grandad have it in the snowpark? Is it in the Slimewoods? Or caught in the Singing Stones?

The Goblin's Blue Blanket by author and illustrator Kieron Black follows Ogie and Gerald on their adventure through the goblin world in this fantastic story about why there is nothing you need so much as friends and family.

Kieron Black is an artist, writer, husband, father, surfer, snowboarder and skateboarder, although not necessarily in that order. As a successful landscape painter, specialising mostly in mountains, he has exhibited across the UK, Europe and New York. He has also illustrated several children’s books including Boo!!! Said the Banshee at home in Ireland and is currently wrestling with the umpteenth draft of a full-length novel, though the almost constant ‘surf breaks’ seem to be impeding this somewhat. The Goblin’s Blue Blanket is his first self-penned children’s book. Kieron lives by the beach in Northern Ireland with his wife and daughter and a collection of annoying, furry creatures that eat everything and put paw prints all over his artwork.

  • Title: The Goblin's Blue Blanket
  • Subtitle: A story about why you shouldn't worry about the little things
  • Author: Kieron Black
  • Imprint: Shrine Bell
  • ISBN: 978-1-911342-87-8
  • Rights: Worldwide
  • Publication date: 1 February 2019
  • Edition: First
  • Size: 285mm x 215mm
  • Extent: 32 pages, full colour throughout
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Weight: 200g
  • Retail price: £6.99

'I love the way such a simple moral story is injected with amazing fantastical elements. I would definitely read more picture books from this world. It reminded me of the sense of wonder I had as a child reading the Edgeworld Chronicles by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell.

This will be definitely be my new number one choice for story time and I would highly recommend it to everyone.'
– Novels and Knitting Blog

'The Ogie stories promise to be a hit for all with an active imagination and sense of adventure.'
– Down News

'The graphics are amazing, with a bit of a comic-book-style feel to it and the wording is friendly enough for younger ones. Age wise, I would say my 3 1/2 year old loved it but I think he is probably on the younger side of who I would recommend it for. Certainly kids aged 4-6 are going to really enjoy it!'
– Parenting Phils blog

'The bold colours really pop out from the page, allowing you to delve into Ogie’s world. It was fun to meet his family and friends along the way,  ad the ending is pretty hilarious too!

'This book is fantastic and I would highly recommend it!'
– Rebel Tribe blog

'This book is such a delight to read even for adults as not only is the story interesting but the images illustrated by Kieron is just so captivating.  The font and colours used in the book is fun and mesmerising. My kids read this book and even brought it along with them when we went away on our glamping getaway one weekend.  They loved the book as it had a happy ending.'
– Yeah Lifestyle

'There are a number of things I like about the book (Little Man loves it too and often asks to read it before bedtime). On one level, it is a simple story about a goblin Ogie who loses his favourite blue blanket, and sets off with his pet cat Gerald to find it. But on a deeper level, we find a poignant and meaningful message.'
– Tales from Mamaville

'If your child loves goblins, monsters and slime, this is most definitely the book for them!'
– Madge Reviews

'The illustrations are really good. I love detailed pictures and this one doesn’t disappoint. Almost every page or double page is filled with so many little details to spot. You can spend ages just staring at one picture, looking at all the creatures and funny things that are going on.'
– The Strawberry Post 

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