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After the Crash

and other stories

Paperback (144pp)
  • Paperback £9.99
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David Pickford’s After the Crash and other stories is a collection of nine
short stories that will take you from The Door to the River to the wildest
reaches of the Sahara In Jahannam’s Lair; on board Twenty Red
Twenty, the first manned mission to Mars, and into the labyrinth of
Cain and Abel’s psycho-drama in The End of the Past.
Five of the stories compose a series of vividly descriptive episodes
of mountain literature, where the perilous conditions of the adventurous
life are explored and questioned, extreme skiers are tested to the limit,
an alpinist suddenly finds himself marooned high in the Himalaya after
a plane crash, the border between myth and reality is blurred during
a long solo climb, and a tragic mystery is solved by a lone climber who
reassembles the lost pieces of The Map of Thunder Canyon. The remaining
four stories range from the visionary dreams of a child to the ideology
of a Waziri jihadist. Controversial, poetic, melancholy, original and
thought provoking, each story is revealed in just enough detail to let
your imagination conceive what might happen next.

David Pickford is a writer and photographer based in the United Kingdom. He is the editor-in-chief of Climb, Britain’s leading climbing and mountaineering magazine, and is one of the most prominent contemporary commentators on the sport. He was a professional climber for many years, and has made numerous first ascents of adventurous rock climbs around the world, from the sea cliffs of England and Wales to the high mountains of Asia and Africa. He continues to climb at a high level today. David’s writing has featured in numerous publications both in Britain and the United States over the past decade. In 2013, his photographic book The Light Elsewhere: Encounters With The Elemental World received widespread critical acclaim. After the Crash and other stories is his second book.

Title: After the Crash
Sub-title: and other stories
Imprint: Vertebrate Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-910240-63-2
Rights: Worldwide
Publication: 1 October 2015
Edition: First
Author: David Pickford
Foreword: Jim Perrin
Classification: Short stories (FYB); Modern and contemporary
fiction (FA); Mountains (RGBS)
Size: 198mm x 129mm
Extent: 144 pages, black and white text
Cover: Paperback
Retail: price £9.99
'Imagination, range, intelligence – you could take these as the defining qualities of this book.'
Jim Perrin
'David Pickford’s writing is full of images of mirrors, half-lights, vanishing points and flashes of radiance. There are moments in his prose when a reader feels as if he’s tiptoeing on the threshold of some other, more visionary reality – beyond sight, words and thought. A hidden door in an overgrown garden; the whispering of indecipherable echoes; the reflection of starlight on snow; the mystery of what it means to be an adventurer, to be human and to be alive.'
Katie Ives, Editor of Alpinist Magazine
'Pickford has a surgeon's hand and a sculpture's heart, and has figured out very precisely how to leave us wanting more.'
David Lintern, Mountain Pro
'He reminds me most of the celebrated Australian novelist Tim Winton, with his stories of remote Western Australia and the wonderful evocations of surfing in books like ‘Breath’. I look forward with much anticipation to what David Pickford writes next.'
David McNicoll Wilson, Amazon reviewer

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