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Great Himalaya Trail

1,700 kilometres across the roof of the world

Paperback (220pp)
  • Paperback £12.99
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Gerda Pauler is donating all royalties earned from this book to the Nepal earthquake appeal.

The Great Himalaya Trail is one of the longest and highest trails in the world. It is a trail that winds for 1,700 kilometres through Nepal – across the ‘roof of the world’, over ice-covered passes, crossing high-mountain deserts and through some of the most remote areas on earth. This path is perhaps the ultimate walk.

In 2012, Himalaya veteran Gerda Pauler set out to walk the length of the trail to raise awareness of autism in Nepal. Travelling across the country with open eyes and ears, ascending high passes, visiting isolated villages and drinking tea with the locals allowed her to see and hear things many of us might never hear, never experience – and never know.

Beautifully written like many great travel books and with a foreword by Sir Chris Bonington, this is so much more than a travel diary – it is a collection of stories from the very heart of Nepal and its people. From Tibetan tea and local beer to corrupt politicians and child marriage; cold nights and monsoon rain to incredible views and searing heat; and from angry yaks and giant spiders to Mr Bean and Jack Nicholson …

Available as an ebook:

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Gerda Pauler was born in the late ’50s outside Munich and soon found out that she had ‘inherited’ a liking for adventurous trips from her mother. Whereas her female friends spent all their money on stylish clothes, she used hers for rucksacks, sleeping bags and travelling around. However, she was almost thirty years old before she set out on her first trip to Nepal, and it was only then that she developed a genuine love for the mountains. Now, about twenty-five years later, she looks back at countless trips to the Himalaya and Central Asia – and knows that she will never get tired of going there.

  • Title: Great Himalaya Trail
  • Sub-title: 1,700 kilometres across the roof of the world
  • Author: Gerda Pauler
  • Imprint: Bâton Wicks
  • ISBN: 978-1-898573-89-0
  • Rights: Worldwide
  • Publication date: 1 Oct 2013
  • Edition: First
  • Format: Paperback
  • Size: 234mm x 156mm
  • Extent: 220 pages; B&W text, 2x8pp colour plates
  • Weight: 390g
  • Retail price: £12.99

Also available as an ebook:

  • Imprint: Bâton Wicks
  • ISBN: 978-1-898573-90-6
  • Publication Date: 1 Oct 2013
  • Price: £12.99

‘Great read and a fantastic acomplishment along one of the highest trails in the world taking 123 days. A rare and fascinatinginsight into the local people and customs. Thoroughly recommended.’
– Amazon reviewer

'A fabulous book - for anyone keen on personal challenge, adventure, travel, hiking/trekking, exploring the amazing Nepalese culture - this book has the lot.'
– Amazon reviewer

'Gerda's insights into trekking the Great Himalaya Trail and life in Nepal are full of compassion and personal challenge. Her writing style is relaxed, humorous and engaging... I thoroughly enjoyed her story!'
– Amazon reviewer

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