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Bouldering Off-Piste

Paperback (288pp)
  • Paperback £18.99
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The forest of Fontainebleau is one of the major bouldering spots of the world.

Thousands of sandstone boulders lie scattered over an area of some 1,200 square kilometres of forest, wonderfully-shaped boulders of superb quality rock in a wilderness of pine, beech and oak trees. The climbing style is addictive, a subtle mixture of body positioning, footwork and power that is as demanding mentally as it is physically. There are problems at every grade imaginable, from the easiest of circuits to world class testpieces.

Fontainebleau ‘Off-Piste’ reveals the locations of over 3,000 of the best problems graded at Font 6a and above, and highlights 250 problems of outstanding quality. Some problems found on circuits, others are set apart and easily missed. This guide ensures that doesn’t happen.

Covering 92 different areas across the forest, the guide lists the harder problems in the main locations, and also on many lesser-known groups of boulders around the forest. There are 120 detailed maps – both general location maps and boulder layouts, colour photographs for every area and hints, tips and anecdotes throughout. This new edition also features a comprehensive alphabetical index to all the problems in the guide with those of the highest quality highlighted in bold type.

More than enough for even the most dedicated enthusiast to go at.

Fontainebleau ‘Off-Piste’ works particularly well when paired with the eternally-popular circuit guide Fontainebleau Climbs.

Jacky Godoffe has been climbing in Fontainebleau for over 30 years. A professional climber with an international reputation, he is a sports teacher and technical advisor to France's national mountaineering and climbing federation.

Jo and Françoise Montchaussé were born and live in the heart of the Fontainebleau forest. It was here that they first discovered climbing and have since made it their way of life. It remains a source of inspiration for both of them, for their photography and for their products they design specially for bouldering.

  • Title: Fontainebleau
  • Sub-title: Bouldering Off-Piste
  • Authors: Jo and Françoise Montchaussé, Jacky Godoffe
  • Translated by: Sue Harper and Jo Cleere
  • Imprint: Bâton Wicks
  • ISBN: 978-1-898573-68-5
  • Rights: Worldwide
  • Publication date: April 2006
  • Edition: First
  • Format: Paperback
  • Size: 220mm x 120mm
  • Extent: 288 pages; full colour
  • Weight: 480g
  • Retail price: £18.99

‘This new guide is big step forward in the sometimes-baffling climbing areas in the Forest and it's clear that this has been a huge undertaking for the authors, finally unleashing their secrets to the world. It does the job of taking you 'off piste' from the circuits admirably and makes your head hurt when you start to try and take in the vast amount of blocs and boulder problems that have now been documented. However the final part of the guide's job will make your head hurt even more and, if you love exploring and opening problems of your own as much as I do, it makes you wonder how many there are still left out there to be claimed in the bouldering wonderland. All in all it's a great production from the much-respected players in the Forest and therefore it's a must-buy for all Font bouldering devotee’ – Simon Jacques,

‘The second selected guidebook by the highly experienced Montchausse/Godoffe team to this famous French climbing area… Off Piste is a good companion to the Fontainebleau – Montchausse guide and the combination of these two guides would work well if you wish to try a mixture of both Off and On Piste problems.’ Rock& Run

‘Well worth the money - an excellent guide.’ – Matt Heason, Sheffield Adventure Film Festival

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