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Thursday, 9 May 2019

At the end of last year, following the success of their premium Kindle Oasis model, Amazon released its second waterproof Kindle device – this time into the classic and more affordable Paperwhite range. This demand for a durable reading device that won’t break the bank shows how much individuals are engaging with the freedom afforded by digital reading and enjoying the benefits it can offer. 

In this blog post, our Digital Editor, Sarah, takes a look at what makes ebooks so appealing to adventurers …

Here at Vertebrate, we are all about inspiring a love of adventure and the outdoors through reading, and ebooks make it really easy to combine the two!


Ereaders are slim, small and compact – all while having the ability to store thousands of books. Fitting easily into a suitcase or backpack, they make the perfect travelling companion! Furthermore, if you’re going on a long expedition and won’t have easy access to bookstores, having a digital bookshop right at your fingertips can really come in handy – plus the instant download means delivery won’t be an issue if you’ve no fixed-address while moving from place to place!


As well now being available water-resistant, many ereaders have specially designed glare-free screens that work as well as paper in sunlight, making reading outdoors a great experience. With devices such as the Kindle Paperwhite, you’ll most likely forget that you’re even reading on a screen! 


Travelling can undoubtedly be expensive and many of us do so on a strict budget. With lots of expenses to think about, forking out for new reading material along the way may not be a top priority – however, ebooks make this more doable with their budget friendly prices. As a general rule, ebooks are cheaper than physical books with many daily and monthly deals offering titles for 99p or less. What’s more, classics are often available for free!

Sound good? Check out our range of ebooks and take the story with you on your next adventure!

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