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Friday, 26 July 2019

Intrigued by audio? Looking to revolutionise your reading experience? Want to do more on the go? Our brand-new audiobook range could be perfect for you! 

Audiobooks are a fairly recent trend but are the fastest growing publishing format with the number of listeners growing year on year. This isn’t surprising when we consider the benefits of audiobooks: the freedom to read anywhere, anytime; the ability to make reading a social experience; and the arguably unrivalled ‘immerseability factor', to name a few. Here at Vertebrate our aim is to inspire adventure and a love of the outdoors, so we’re very excited to combine our love of reading and being active by publishing our books in audiobook format. Our current – and upcoming – audiobook selection includes our bestselling mountaineering biographies, teen fiction, cycling books, and running books; perfect to listen to while you’re out-and-about!

Check out the full list of our growing range below:

Savage Arena

No Easy Way

The Bond

Rock Athlete

There is No Map in Hell

One Day as a Tiger

The Year

Quest into the Unknown


In Some Lost Place


The Everest Files

North Face

Killer Storm

The Ogre

Up and About

Everest the Cruel Way 


Sound good? Keep an ear out as we’ll be adding even more exciting new titles to this list each month!

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