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Are you an ebook convert? Seven reasons to go digital

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Ereaders take up little room in your rucksack, you can take away as many titles with you as you like and if you're camping out at night you can switch on the front-lit screen for continued reading pleasure. Here's our run down of the reasons why ebooks make the perfect companions for those who like to get out and explore.

1. In a hurry to start your adventure? Ebooks are sent to your reading device immediately, you don't have to wait ages for it to arrive in the post and there's no postage cost! 
2. Ereaders allow you to track your reading progress and give an estimated time as to how long it will take you to complete a chapter or the entire book. It's a good way of working out how many ebooks to download before your trip.
3. They're space savers. If you usually get through more than one book in a trip away, you can take as many ebooks with you as you like without weighing down your luggage. 
4. You can enlarge the print, without being limited to (often bulky) large print books.
5. No dictionary required! The built-in dictionary feature in most ereaders allows you to quickly look up a word. Handy if you come across a technical term in a guidebook that you've not heard before. 
6. Most ereaders have a front-lit screen to help prevent eye strain and allow you read in the dark. 
7. Ereaders can easily be held in one hand while you’re doing other things, like holding a nice cup of cocoa to keep you warm. 

Planning your next adventure? Take a look through our selection of ebooks for outdoor inspiration and your next reads on the go.

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