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What's new this month? November 2018

Thursday, 1 November 2018

What's our verdict on our upcoming releases? Read on for an early insight into our 2019 publishing calendar ... 

The Goblin's Blue Blanket

Ogie is the goblin with the beloved blue blanket. When it goes missing, he and his cat, Gerald, go off in search for it but meanwhile miss out on the opportunities for adventure they are offered along the way. All parents will remember a time their child lost a much-treasured item, and for Kieron the inspiration for the book came when his daughter left her toy at a local fair and had to wait until the next day before she could retrieve it. With Kieron's full-colour, vibrant and magical illustrations alongside a poignant story with a moral, this book promises to be a hit for all with an active imagination and sense of adventure.

Master of Rock

Ament’s writing style really stands out; his ability to weave humour, emotion and philosophy into typically technical writing made working on this book a real treat.

Master of Rock is a true classic. Author, Pat Ament, delves into the life, achievements and ethos of awe-inspiring boulderer John Gill. Complete with photographs, personal impressions of Gill from notable climbers and an extensive interview with Gill himself, this biography is perfect for those wishing to learn more about the man they call ‘the father of modern bouldering’.

Both informative and inspiring, Master of Rock will appeal to devotees of climbing and to anyone seeking insight into the victories of a master.

 Pendle: Witch country

A stunning new book from multi-award winning photographer and filmmaker Alastair Lee.

This impressive new book captures the spirit not only of Pendle Hill’s infamous past but of a thriving community that lives under its dominant presence. Celebrating the unique charm of Pendle and capturing how people interact with the landscape of which they are so passionate. 

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