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What's new at Vertebrate? March 2018

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Due out in May is the latest addition to our walking guides collection, Day Walks on the Pembrokeshire Coast, and we’re reissuing the final two books in Ruth Eastham’s backlist, The Messenger Bird and The Jaguar Trials. Here's our thoughts on each book …


Day Walks on the Pembrokeshire Coast

What’s it about? Day Walks on the Pembrokeshire Coast features 20 classic coastal routes between 6.5 miles and 13 miles (10.4km and 20.8km) in length. 

What we think … Day Walks on the Pembrokeshire Coast is our first new Day Walks guidebook of 2018 and our third to Wales. South Wales local Harri Roberts, author of the Brecon Beacons guide in the series, has pulled together twenty routes taking in the coastal national park and the Preseli Hills a little inland. If you’re familiar with our Day Walks series, you’ll know what to expect and won’t be disappointed. Well written, detailed directions, Ordnance Survey maps, and, in this one, stunning photography by Adam Long – there’s some absolutely fantastic shots that won’t even make the cut. 

Suitable for: Walkers of all abilities.

The Messenger Bird + The Jaguar Trials

What are they about? Set around the top-secret Second World War codebreaking site Bletchley Park, The Messenger Bird is the gripping children’s thriller from Ruth Eastham, award-winning author of The Memory Cage

In The Jaguar Trials, Ruth teaches us the value of friendship, and helps us to discover that there is more than just one kind of treasure. An Amazon expedition gone wrong throws Ben into a world of superstition and adventure. Now he must survive the mysterious Jaguar Trials to escape the jungle and uncover the truth about the lost City of Gold.

What we think … The Messenger Bird and The Jaguar Trials will bring our programme of republishing children’s author Ruth Eastham’s back catalogue up to date. While covering entirely different adventures at opposite sides of the world, they’re both gripping reads – and not just for kids! The Messenger Bird in particular, with its Enigma code themes, will enthral any children with an interest in puzzles and problem solving, and we’d hope it might encourage them to read more widely after they’ve finished the book – or even persuade their parents to take them on a day out to Bletchley Park (we know we intend to go!). 

Suitable for: Age 8+





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