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New for January 2018

Friday, 12 January 2018

Want the low down on what we’re working on this year at Vertebrate HQ? Here’s a first look at some of our new titles for 2018 …

Unknown Pleasures – Andy Kirkpatrick 

What’s it about? Unknown Pleasures is a collection of works by the climber and award-winning author Andy Kirkpatrick. Covering subjects as diverse as climbing, relationships, fatherhood, mental health and the media, it is easy to read, sometimes difficult to digest and impossible to forget.

Our publishing manager’s thoughts … 'Andy says that when it comes to writing, he finds it hard, reckons that he’s no master. I disagree. The pieces he’s selected for Unknown Pleasures – 70,000 words or thereabouts, from the many millions he must have written over the years – vary from early stuff tentatively submitted to and published by climbing magazines, to later essays, which were published on his blog. His writing on climbing will be familiar to a lot of readers – hard-core stuff, carefully crafted gags – while the later commentaries and wonderings on everything from world affairs and politics to mental health are harder to read, but more thought-provoking. It’s not all climbing, and it won’t appeal to all people, but Andy can write. Regardless of what he might tell you.'


Tides – Nick Bullock 

What’s it about? Tides, Nick’s second book, is the much-anticipated follow-up to his critically acclaimed debut Echoes.

Now retired from the strain of work as a prison officer, Nick is free to climb. A lot. Tides is a treasury of his antics and adventures with some of the world’s leading climbers. Follow Nick and his partners as they push the limits on some of the world’s most serious routes: The Bells! The Bells! and The Hollow Man on Gogarth’s North Stack Wall; the Slovak Direct on Denali; Guerdon Grooves on Buachaille Etive Mor; and the north faces of Chang Himal and Mount Alberta, among countless others.

Our MD’s thoughts … ‘From Gogarth to the Himalaya, new routes, friendships and tragedy, this is very much a climbing book, which I know will delight a lot of people out there. There is a darkness to Nick’s writing – fear is never far away. He expertly transfers the tension of climbing on to the page and into the reader’s soul.’



Climb to the Lost World – Hamish McInnes 

What’s it about? Climb to the Lost World is a story of discovering an alien world of tortured rock formations, sunken gardens and magnificent waterfalls, combined with the trials and tribulations of day-to-day expedition life. MacInnes’ dry humour and perceptive observations of his companions, flora and fauna relay the story of this first ascent with passion and in true explorer style.

Our editor’s thoughts … ‘Having worked at Vertebrate for over a year now, Climb to the Lost World is the first book in which I have read about Mount Roraima … and I have read a lot of mountain books! It describes an expedition through a very different kind of landscape to your traditional mountain literature - dense jungle - and there are some fascinating and terrifying creatures to discover along the way! Hamish MacInnes is accompanied on the expedition by some of the legends of the climbing world: Joe Brown, Don Whillans and Mo Anthoine, and you really get a feel for their characters and the relationships between them all. A down to earth yet thrilling story of true exploration.’

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