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New at Vertebrate this December

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

We’ve got something very special coming up in the new year – Kinder Scout, The people’s mountain is the long-awaited collaboration between writer Ed Douglas and photographer John Beatty. Due for release in March, this is a celebration of Britain’s most popular mountain and our role in it’s creation. But before that, we’re adding a new guidebook to our collection in January with Winter Walks in the Lake District by Stephen Goodwin and in February a new edition of Arrowhead, the fictional Viking adventure by Ruth Eastham, will be reissed sporting a shiny new cover.

Kinder Scout

What’s it about? In this unique collaboration Ed Douglas and John Beatty reveal the social, political, cultural and ecological developments that have shaped the physical and human landscape of this treasured hill.

What we think: Kinder Scout has been a few years in the making and we think it will be one of our most significant books for 2018 – indeed it’s one of the most important books we’ll ever publish. Ed’s text is incredibly thought provoking, particularly with regard to man’s relationship with the natural world and issues around conservation, and few photographers are able to interpret the natural world in the way John does: he’s peerless. Landscape-photography-by-numbers this is not. The book is a folk duet between two masters, and the result will make for a fascinating and special piece of work.

Perfect for … Anybody wanting to know more about the history of this enigmatic peak; lovers of landscape photography or followers of the masterful work of these authors.


What’s it about? When thirteen-year-old Jack moves to Norway, he's sure there's no truth in the local myths and legends. But then he comes face to face with one: the body of a Norse warrior boy, frozen in the ice, and carrying with him an ancient arrowhead that contains a terrible curse. If Jack's going to survive, he has to overcome both an ancient wrong and a newly risen enemy in this thrilling adventure from an award-winning author.

What we think: Ruth’s characteristic plot of past meets present makes for a gripping tale in this Viking adventure. Anyone with even a small interest in Norse mythology will love the way it is woven into the plot.

Perfect for … Children and young adults aged between eight and twelve.





Winter Walks in the Lake District

What’s it about? Winter Walks in the Lake District is a collection of enjoyable walks and easy winter climbs in the Lake District.

Local author Stephen Goodwin has selected his favourite cold-weather outings, which all share the magic and exhilaration that snow or even a hoar frost brings to the Lakeland fells.

What we think: The Lake District holds year-round appeal for hillwalkers, and justifiably so. The only ‘proper’ mountain area in England, it’s also the one that consistently benefits from an annual covering of the white stuff – from hoar frost to snow. Steve has revisited his favourite fells and pulled together a new set of itineraries that suit the winter months and winter conditions. There’s even some low-grade climbing there too (grade I/II) for when the weather really does play ball. We have to say, the photos are particularly inspiring – really makes you want to get out on the hill. 

Perfect for … If you’re after a comprehensive guide to some of the more accessible and less-travelled routes to make the most of the winter conditions that regularly descend on the Lake District, look no further.


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