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Book of the month: White Peak Mountain Biking

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Ashover Singletrack. Photo: John Coefield.

It would be a real shame if the White Peak, an area so full of potential, of deep valleys, high limestone hills and thick, leafy woodland, were not also full of legal trails. Happily enough, it’s laced with them. Not only that, but they're some of the best trails in the country, the sort that leave you wondering: 'Who built this, and if it were not specifically for mountain biking, then why?'

Whether you like to ride smoothly and delicately, flitting through the trees and over roots, or in a less subtle manner, being knocked sideways by a big block of limestone whilst pinballing downhill at mach thirty-nine, there is a contender for your personal favourite piece of trail in the White Peak (we know everyone says this, but it's true, honestly!).

This month, we've made the Ashover Singletrack trail available to dowload as a free PDF (see below for the link). The route promises 'a fantastic ride, mainly on singletrack, with some good descents and one of the hardest climbs in this guide'. 

Click here for more details about White Peak Mountain Biking.

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