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What's new this month? June 2017

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Coming up over the next few weeks we’re releasing a revised and fully updated edition of The Darkness Beckons – The history and development of world cave diving by renowned cave diver Martyn Farr. Plus we’ve teamed up with award-winning children’s author Ruth Eastham to rerelease her acclaimed backlist of children’s books (beginning this month with The Memory Cage) and her latest novel The Warrior in the Mist. Keep reading for more details …

The Darkness Beckons

What’s it about: The Darkness Beckons is Martyn Farr's beautifully illustrated book about the history and development of world cave diving. Farr charts the evolution of exploratory activities in the underground world, and at every stage we see people exercising the ultimate challenge. Fully updated since the 1980 first edition.

Our publishing manager, John, says … Twelve months ago I knew absolutely nothing about cave diving, but what immediately struck me as I started working on the book was just how accessible it is – which I think is down to Martyn's ability to relate a potentially complex and esoteric subject to a lay audience. What you begin to realise is that this book isn't so much about cave diving, as about pure exploration; ever further and deeper, pushing the limits. All around the world, it's amazing to think what these people are achieving. Plus, it does help that the book looks amazing, thanks to stunning photos and brilliant design ... but then I would say that! 

Perfect for … Anybody with a passion for exploration, adventure or stunning photography.

The Memory Cage

What’s it about? Alex's grandfather keeps forgetting things, and Alex has overheard his adoptive parents say that they're going to put granddad in a home. His grandfather begs Alex to save him from that, and it's a promise Alex is desperate to keep. But Alex once promised his little brother that he would save him, and in the terror of the Bosnian war, he failed. As Alex struggles to protect his grandfather, he uncovers secrets that his family and the village have kept for two generations. Unravelling them will cause grief, but will they save grandfather, and perhaps help Alex come to terms with his own private war?

What we think: This is powerful and emotional debut book by Ruth Eastham. It deals sensitively and thoughtfully with difficult subjects such as adoption and Alzheimer’s disease and universal themes of family and war. 

Perfect for … Young adults aged eight and up … but older adults would definitely enjoy it too.



Warrior in the Mist

What’s it about? The Warrior in the Mist is the latest book from award-winning children’s author Ruth Eastham. In a bid to prevent fracking procedures imminently taking over their hometown, a group of teenagers find more than they bargained for when they try to unearth a local connection to Queen Boudicca.

What we think: Pacey and gripping, this book made us determined to find out more about the Celtic warrior queen. 

Perfect for … Readers aged eight to twelve. 


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