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What’s new this month? April 2017

Thursday, 13 April 2017

We’ve got plenty on the publishing cards this month with a reprint of our handy pocket-sized guide to one of the world’s best bouldering spots, Fontainebleau Climbs, and Al Lee’s Lake District Mountain Landscape, which offers a fresh and original take on the much-loved Lakeland countryside. 

Also coming up, we’ve got the next two books in our Tilman series, Nepal Himalaya and Ice with Everything, which cover Tilman’s explorations in Nepal and three voyages to Greenland.


Fontainebleau Climbs

What’s it about? The forest of Fontainebleau is one of the major bouldering spots of the world. Thousands upon thousands of sandstone boulders lie scattered over an area of some 1,200 square kilometres of forest. There are problems at every grade imaginable, from the easiest of circuits to world-class testpieces. Packed with useful and practical advice, Fontainebleau Climbs is the perfect way to discover and enjoy these routes. Includes easy-to-read, full-colour maps show the starting point, layout and key boulders for each circuit. 

What we think: With descriptions of the sites, their circuits and grades, accommodations, child-friendly areas, where to go after rain or in hot weather, this easy-to-use guide is full of information and practical advice.

Perfect for … Anyone, from complete novices to experts.






Lake District Mountain Landscape

What’s it about? Lake District Mountain Landscape is a spectacular photographic perspective on the Lake District from award-winning mountain photographer and filmmaker Alastair Lee. 

What we think: Far from being another clichéd collection of Lakeside vistas, this is a collection of compelling images of the Lake District’s less-travelled terrain. 

Perfect for … Lakelanders and visitors alike.



Nepal Himalaya

What’s it about? Tilman’s breathtaking account of mountaineering and exploration of the isolated and awe-inspiring country of Nepal.

What we think: Nepal Himalaya is a wide-ranging and ultimately quite emotional book. It marks the start of that great age of Himalayan mountaineering, and the end of Tilman’s big mountain days. We also see the soft side of Tilman and perhaps a whiff of romance. 

Perfect for … The book is of most interest to the Himalayan climber and those interested in the history of mountaineering in the region. Of course Tilman is one of our greatest ever travel writers, so anybody with an interest and appreciation of great writing in such a great landscape will love this book.





Ice with Everything

What’s it about? Three Greenland voyages, in Tilman’s words: ‘The first comparatively humdrum, the second totally disastrous, the third exceedingly troublesome’.

What we think: This is classic Tilman, and last in his collection. It’s full of the tragicomic, as unfortunately for Tilman a fair bit goes wrong on these voyages. It’s fascinating to hear how three voyages to the same place can see such different action and such different consequences! You learn something in every page of Tilman’s writings – this book is no different.

Perfect for … Anyone with an interest in Tilman, sailing, historical travel writing and Arctic exploration.

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