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What's new this month? January 2017

Monday, 30 January 2017

Print on Demand: A New Way to Read Mountaineering Classics

For the past few years, we have been working towards reinstating some of our favourite out-of-print mountaineering literature by re-editing them and publishing them as quality ebooks. More recently, we realised that actually people have still got a real love for the good-old paperback, and it would actually be quite nice to have them available as a ‘real’ book too. So, that’s what we’re doing.

We thought it would be useful to give you a little overview of the titles we’ve republished so far. Grab a coffee and have a look.

Call-out by Hamish MacInnes (One of our bestselling ebooks)

What's it about? Call-out is a collection of tales about early mountain rescue in the Highlands of Scotland from Hamish MacInnes - Everest pioneer and arguably the most famous Scottish mountaineer of the twentieth century. At the heart of the stories are the unique characters who inject an almost comical slant into these accounts of misadventure in the mountains.  

David ‘Heavy’ Whalley MBE, BEM says: ‘This is a book of one man’s life and team who have given so much for others. I would advise all to read it and learn that life and nature can teach us so much and build a bond that lasts beyond the experiences that this book covers. Thanks Hamish for a great book, and to Vertebrate Publishing for republishing this book – it’s a classic. You have to read it.’

Ideal for ... All who love the wild places especially Glencoe and Scotland will be enthralled by the stories.


The Next Horizon by Chris Bonington

The Next Horizon, the second volume in Chris Bonington's autobiography after I Chose to Climb, picks up his story from 1962 and relates his subsequent adventures as a mountaineer, photographer, journalist and expedition leader alongside eminent climbers including Doug Scott and Don Whillans, throughout a decade of adversity, thrill and discovery.  

Author Chris Bonington says:I am always thinking about what’s over the next horizon, I always have done. It’s a poignant phrase in relation to an expedition because sometimes you might spend two or three weeks in the same place on a mountain with the same view, and then when you can finally summit you have a 360-degree view. You then start to look beyond it and into your next adventure, the next horizon.’

Ideal for ... Admirers of climbing's greatest characters. 


Elusive Summits by Victor Saunders

In his Boardman-Tasker-winning Elusive Summits, Victor Saunders describes four expeditions to the Karakoram, to Uzum Brakk, Bojohaghur Duanasir, Rimo and Spantik. Battling crevasses, violent weather and injured climbers, Elusive Summits is a celebration of the exhilaration that comes from the hardest level of alpine-style exploration.  

Editor Camilla says: ‘The thing I love most about these two classic books from Saunders is his humour and wit. He’s a very good writer, and I think it’s a real art to be able to write about serious and sometimes tragic circumstances while still injecting some – appropriate – comedy and human touches into the scenario.’

Ideal for ... Anyone with an interest in the history of climbing some of the world's slightly humbler but no less testing summits.



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