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What's new this month? December 2016

Thursday, 15 December 2016

2017 promises to be another exciting year at Vertebrate. Nick Bullock's latest manuscript has just come in, provisionally titled Tides, which we hope will be ready for your bookshelves by late 2017. We're working on a new editon of the mountain climbing classic First on the Rope by Roger Frison-Roche and Mick Fowler has been in touch about his third book, No Easy Way, and whether the public is ready to hear about thirty-nine years in the tax office (with a smattering of snowy peaks thrown in) ... of course you are. Until then, here are a few other gems on the publishing cards ...

The Story of my Boyhood and Youth (John Muir)

What’s inside? The Story of my Boyhood and Youth is the affecting memoir of the now internationally renowned John Muir, a Scottish-American boy subject to a most unusual upbringing and his transition into adulthood. Born in East Lothian, Scotland in 1838, Muir was raised by a fanatically strict, religious father with his numerous brothers and sisters and loving mother. From an early age, a shy Muir showed fascination with the natural world, and at aged eleven, his father announced the family was to move to an American wilderness in Wisconsin – Muir had a new playground. His adolescence is spent labouring on the family’s grassroots farm. Working seventeen-hour days, an exhausted yet inquisitive Muir desperately snatches moments to himself, yearning to explore the environment around him.

What we think: Muir's teenage enthusiasm for nature is ridiculously infectious, and it's always a good time to be reminded how wonderful our planet is.

Ideal for ... Anybody remotely interested in the environment, Scottish culture, American history, the art of biography or the art of life.


Norton of Everest (E.F. Norton)

What’s inside? Norton of Everest is Hugh Norton's biography of his father, the distinguished Everest mountaineer and war veteran E.F. Norton. It charts his extensive career in the armed forces across two world wars, as well as his role in the pioneering expedition to Everest in 1924 – the defining characteristic of Norton being his gift for leadership. 

What we think: A sensitive and engaging biography of a British war hero and outstanding mountaineer. 

Ideal for ... This is one for mountaineering and military history buffs – a most enjoyable read. 








North Wales Trail Running (Steve Franklin)

What’s inside? North Wales Trail Running is the third in our series of guidebooks for trail and fell runners, due out in the spring. Written by top runner Steve Franklin, it features routes of varying length and difficulty in Snowdonia, the Clwyds and the Berwyns. 

What we think: Everything you'd expect from a VP guidebook – carefully curated routes, clear and easy-to-use directions, OS maps and stunning photography.  

Ideal for ... There's tough stuff in here, but mellow and scenic runs too, so it'll suit novice and experienced runners alike. 



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