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Jerry Moffatt phoned up …

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

He’s writing a book about training, or at least that’s what I gathered from the phone call. This made me think about our authors. The reason they became our authors (with one or two notable exceptions …) was not just because they were great writers, it was because they were great doers.

So I asked a few of them what they had been up to over the last few days.

Ben Moon’s finding the drive up to Yorkshire a bit of a chore:

Trying to finish off a twenty-year climbing project that involves lots of driving, climbing and falling. I’m getting close but it’s a race against time now as the season is almost over.’

‘Pooing into bags whist soloing El Cap, making a film about soloing El Cap with Jen Randell’

Andy Kirkpatrick 

‘Hi Jon, Excuse delay. Just down from orgasmic climb in India’

Mick Fowler and Vic Saunders, the dream team together again.

While Dave Barter has clearly been skiving off too much … this is his email auto-response:

‘Dave Barter should be writing. He has a backlog of prose that needs liberating from his thick skull but a rich combination of bicycle trips, best-man duties and a need to earn proper money via typing SQL into computers has intervened.’ 

And we knew for sure Heather Dawe wouldn’t been too long getting back in the saddle:

‘This week I have been working hard at my day-job in between chasing after my four-year old and six-month old daughters. My partner is taking shared parental leave to support me as I get back to work. This has benefits for my running and cycling as well as working: on Wednesday this week I got out on my road bike for three and a half hours, taking in some of the finest and steepest hills near to where I live in West Yorkshire. Happy days :o)’

Whereas Andy Pollitt is being … well, Andy-like …

Made a mini movie for you for Buxt … er, Kendal, and commenced my new job/career part 2 in a fantastic place and just laugh at the thought that the old place is going down the drain. Happy with life. Enough?

AP. Xx’

‘Nyainqentangla South East Diaries: One moment you are fifty and reclining into the soft sofa of acceptance, the next you are 300 metres from the best mountain climb of your life and the mistaken belief you can go forever.’

Nick Bullock

Rob Collister is clearly not done with the remote corners of our British Isles just yet:

Currently on the Isle of Skye in dry, mostly sunny weather enjoying cliff-top ambles and wonderful views of the Outer Isles.

Oh, and me? I’m going to Canada next week.


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