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Mend our Mountains

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Lake District Mountain Biking, photo by John Coefield
Mountain Biking in the Lake District. Photo: John Coefield.

The British Mountaineering Council (BMC) has launched a major new crowdfunding campaign to protect some of Britain's most cherished landscapes. 'Mend our Mountains' is aiming to raise over £100,000 for environmental projects in national parks around the country and will be running until 16 May 2016.

Britain's national parks are currently under pressure. While booming visitor numbers bring in job opportunities and money, they also put strain on infrastructure and exacerbate problems like path erosion. Erosion in the parks' most popular areas can pose a significant problem, with some paths having previously grown to thirty metres in width – 'motorways of damage as wide as parts of the M1' (BMC). Left unchecked, the erosion process can soon spiral out of control, causing lasting damage to habitats and unsightly scars. 

Government funding cuts have left many National Park Authorities struggling to keep on top of challenges like erosion management. The Campaign for National Parks reports real-term cuts in government funding of up to 40%, leading to hundreds of job losses and having a huge impact on the services that can be provided by National Park Authorities.

At Vertebrate we encourage people to get out there and enjoy the outdoors, but we also recognise that activities like walking, climbing and biking have an impact on the environment. Our staff here will be supporting the campaign however they can, whether that's through donating money or helping to spread the word, and we'll be donating £1 from every walking and mountain biking book sold through our website during April.

Click HERE to find out more, and to see the ways in which you can donate to the campaign.

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