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AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Villager Jim, Villager Jim's Peak District

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

On 16 December, we will be releasing Villager Jim's Peak District - Landscapes - Country Lanes - Wildlife and Farmlife - Gardens, a collection of 180 stunning photographs of Jim's local Peak District. Ahead of publication, we chatted to him about photography, his favourite pictures and he gave some top tips for budding photographers. 

What first inspired you to take up photography?

Moving to my house in the Peak District, seven years ago. I hadn't really picked up a camera till then.

What do you most enjoy about your work?

Seeing comments from our followers online, totally the most addictive thing ever, and it never fails to make me feel warm inside knowing what an amazing following we have.

Are there any aspects of your work that you find frustrating?

When it's foggy and raining and I can't go out (well I actually do as I can't stop myself, but it's rarely good).

Most of your pictures are taken in the Peak District. What is it that draws you to that area?

I live here! (Seriously it's the best studio you could possibly wish for!)

You must spend a lot of time outdoors. Which season do you enjoy the most?

That is such a hard question. Each season has its own wonders but if you made me choose I would say autumn.

Do you have an image of which you’re particularly proud?

Two for me - 'After the Walk' of my labrador Dilly for becoming the most viewed labrador picture in the world (crazy) and 'The Ascent of Stag' of six stags going up in height next to each other which truly was a shot in ten million.

What’s your camera of choice? 

Nikon D4 

What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to go into professional photography? 

Composition of a picture comes way before quality of camera! Learn to anticipate what may happen next, I've lost count of times where I start to see something happen then try to predict the shot next.

Every day I drive past this chap he has a different expression on his face, he really makes my day. Today it's Mr aloof.

The bridge at Ashford in the Water. Another view I love in different seasons.

Deers at Chatsworth.Two young deer rut with the house at Chatsworth making a rather nice backdrop.

Round robin. This is one of my most popular robin images: with Bobbin standing by feet looking up at me with such professional cuteness how can I refuse to feed him? 

Villager Jim's Peak District is available to purchase HERE.

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