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Protecting our national parks

Wednesday, 18 March 2015
Copyright: Alastair Lee
Dave Birkett’s stunning 2004 climb Nowt but a Fleein’ Thing © Alastair Lee

The Lake District has been hitting the headlines in recent weeks following the announcement by the Park Authority that it is selling off fifty-nine hectares of land. The areas – which include the iconic Stickle Tarn – are being sold in a bid to raise capital to cover a funding shortfall following budget cuts.
The news has sparked fierce debate, touching on deeper concerns about privatisation and the custodianship of the commons. This BMC article takes a closer look at the issue, with opposing views given by The Telegraph (pro-sale) and the Open Spaces Society (anti-sale).
We can’t claim to be experts in national park stewardship but, as people who spend much of our time enjoying such places, we remain vigilant as to the potential impacts of the decisions being made. Along with thousands of others calling on the government to protect our shared spaces, we hope that sustainable management targeted toward the long-term wellbeing of environments and communities will take precedence.  
Here are a few beautiful images from Alastair Lee’s Lake District Mountain Landscape, which capture exactly why our national parks are worth fighting for. Take a big lungful of Lakeland air ...
Dawn rises over Langdale in early summer © Alastair Lee
Mark Januszewski on the ‘crux’ pitch of Cam Crag Ridge, Langstrath, near Borrowdale: one of the best scrambles in Lakeland © Alastair Lee
Crag Hill and Robinson in the Northern Fells in view © Alastair Lee
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