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One book we'll probably pass on...

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

As was the case across much of the UK, it dumped here in Sheffield last week. The city ground to a halt overnight, with roads deserted, schools closed and supermarket shelves left bare following bouts of panic buying. There was 18 inches of powder on our road. Fresh, light, fluffy champagne powder. Much like January earlier in the year, when Sheffield's skiers and snowboarders hit the Peak and made the most of local winter conditions that only come around every 30 years (or 10 months as is apparently the case!), we hit the Peak again. It makes you think about 'gaps in the market' for guidebooks, such as:

Peak District Snowboarding Cover Mock Up

One guidebook we probably won't be publishing anytime soon ... !

Incidentally, that's the view across the eastern Flank of Mam Tor with the Great Ridge in the background. The completely snow-covered crag line on the horizon is the Derwent Edges, including Dovestone Tor and Back Tor. Bonkers.

Credit to Adam Long for the photo.

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