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A note from John Burns, author of Sky Dance

Monday, 16 September 2019

It's been a long time coming! I have been wandering the Highland hills for over forty years. In that time I've come to love them, to feel at home in them and, perhaps more importantly, to care about them. As a young man I saw our hills as a challenge. First I walked up them and then I began to seek out their most demanding climbs on places like the North Face of Ben Nevis and the Cairngorms.

Over the years, as I began to learn the secrets of these wild places, I grew to respect them more. I began to realise that my relationship with them was far deeper than seeing them as hills to climb and mountains to conquer. I saw how sporting estates were destroying our wild life and ruining our ecosystems. I have just one voice but if I can use that to inspire other people to care about our wild places and the animals that live there then my books will have achieved far more than just tell stories. 

Photos from the launch of Sky Dance at the Highland Bookshop


I'm planning my next project right now. I want to write a diary of the coming winter when I want to connect with the Highland's most iconic species, red deer, otter, sea eagle and wild cat as they battle for survival against the harsh conditions of a Highland winter. Doubtless I'll have a few adventures along the way.

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