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On this page are GPX Route downloads for the 24 rides in White Peak Mountain Biking – The Pure Trails.

Each GPX Route is contained within a zipped folder. Double click the file and, on most computers and devices, the zipped folder will open automatically, allowing you to save the file.

If you are using a smartphone or tablet device to access the GPX files, you may need to install an appropriate app before downloading the zipped folder. We recommend the free Dropbox app, which will allow you to save the file and move it between various devices.

Using your GPX Route File

Once downloaded, GPX files can be sent to a GPS device or viewed using mapping software. On a PC or Mac, software such as Memory Map or Anquet works well. On a phone or table, an app such as Viewranger will allow you to open and view the route. Various websites will also allow you to open and view the rides – we recommend bikehike.

Please note that the GPX files were created on a computer and as such many not always be 100% accurate. In the event of any confusion, cross-referencing with the route directions and appropriate map should see you right.

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